This professional artists' cooperative was founded on Brandon Street in 1977 by three Fallbrook artists - Virginia Polise, Jeanne Shanahan, and Mary Tomaskevitch. Brandon Gallery is now in the heart of historic downtown Fallbrook, and membership has expanded to nearly 30 members. It continues to promote and sell the work of regional fine artists and to enrich the community through exhibitions, demonstrations, and outreach programs.


Dorland Mountain Associate Artists

JULY 2 - July 30, 2016


Reception, Saturday, July 9, 2016  5-7 pm

Visual Art, Music, Readings, Refreshments

Public Welcome



DOG DAYS OF SUMMER - August 2016 - judged by Dawn Secord

  Celebrating the animal companions that are part of our families, our work, our lives.  For a prospectus, stop by the gallery or request one by email at      

Artist Spotlight

Artist Spotlight

Kathleen Morgan

For me, inspiration is driven more by process than by subject matter.  I work intuitively, without boundaries of form or intellectual purpose, and I alter images and media as each work progresses.  While an idea may originate with something particular, the piece that develops often transcends identification with a specific subject, place or event.

My early formal education consisted of oil painting, textile design, and silkscreen printing.  An interest in experimenting with other media led me to other printmaking techniques and to combined media. I now move from one to the other, or combine them - enjoying the limitless possibilities they present.

I try to explore images and ideas spontaneously and from unexpected points of view.  My hope is that my own surprise of discovery will be translated into my finished work.



All member artists and guest artists have their work juried into the gallery. Arrangements can be made to present work at the conclusion of any of the six general meetings each year. Artists seeking membership are first juried as guests. Guest artists can show their work for up to four months before a decision is made about membership.